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Government Incentives and Subsidies

The various government incentives and subsidies offered to support your operations in the UAE may pique your interest if you own a company or are an entrepreneur. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is committed to fostering a favorable business environment that promotes economic growth and development. One of the ways it achieves this goal is by providing various incentives and subsidies to businesses that meet specific criteria.

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Here are some of the government incentives and subsidies available to businesses in the UAE:

SME Development Fund

A government program called the SME Development Fund helps SMEs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The fund provides financial assistance to SMEs through grants, loans, and equity investment. The fund also offers training and advisory services to help SMEs improve their operations and achieve long-term growth.

Free Zone Incentives

The UAE has several free zones that offer various incentives to businesses operating within their jurisdictions. These incentives include tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and simplified business registration procedures. Some of the popular free zones in the UAE include Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), and Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).

Industrial Incentives

The UAE government also offers various incentives to businesses that operate in specific industries. For example, companies in the manufacturing sector may be eligible for energy, water, and other utility subsidies. Companies that fund research and development (R&D) or renewable energy initiatives can apply for government grants and loans.

Employment Incentives

The UAE government provides various incentives to businesses that hire Emiratis or invest in their training and development. For example, companies that hire Emiratis may be eligible for subsidies on their salaries or other employment-related expenses. The government also offers training programs and incentives to businesses that invest in developing their Emirati workforce.

Export Incentives

The UAE government encourages businesses to export products and services to international markets. The government offers various incentives to companies that ship their goods and services to support this goal. These incentives may include export credit guarantees, finance, and export-related expense subsidies.

The UAE government offers various incentives and subsidies to support businesses and individuals. Some of these include

Free zones

The UAE has designated certain free zones where businesses can operate with 100% foreign ownership, no corporate or income tax, and customs duty exemptions.

Startup grants

The government offers grants to support new businesses and startups, providing funding for research and development, marketing, and other essential expenses.

Energy subsidies

The government provides electricity and water bills to citizens and businesses, reducing the overall cost of utilities.

Employment incentives

The government offers incentives to companies that employ UAE nationals, including training grants, wage subsidies, and other benefits.

Infrastructure subsidies

The government invests heavily in infrastructure development, supporting projects related to transportation, telecommunications, and other essential services

Customs duty exemptions

The government offers customs duty exemptions on certain goods, making importing and exporting products more accessible and cost-effective.